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Advanced Emails for WooCommerce

Advanced Emails for WooCommerce

In the business world, talking with customers is super important. Imagine how happy your customers would be if they knew what was happening with their orders, right from when they click “buy” to when it arrives at their door! That’s where our ‘Additional Custom Emails for WooCommerce’ plugin comes in handy.

What is the purpose of Advanced Emails for WooCommerce?

Normally, WooCommerce lets you send emails for things like “New order” or “Failed order” (you find these in WooCommerce Settings >> Emails). But our plugin goes a step further.

Our plugin lets you add more types of emails than the ones WooCommerce already has. It’s like giving you more options to talk to your customers.

And here’s the cool part: You get to control a lot of things with our plugin. You can choose to tell your customers when their order changes to “Completed.” Or maybe you only want to tell them when it goes from “Pending payment” to “Completed.”

But wait, there’s more! You can also make your own types of emails based on special order statuses you use in your store. And guess what? These special ones automatically become part of the plugin’s email triggers.

Not to forget, our plugin is friendly to different languages. So, you can reach people all around the world, not just those who speak English.

Loads of businesses are already big fans of our plugin. To really get what makes it awesome, check out the full description. See for yourself why businesses love it so much. Make your WooCommerce experience even better with our plugin that’s all about keeping your customers in the loop!


If you operate an ecommerce website, your dependence on email communication is crucial. It’s essential to keep customers updated on their orders and inform them about any special offers or benefits they receive as loyal customers. This includes follow-ups with tracking numbers, instructions, cross-selling, up-selling, coupons, re-order reminders, and more. Although WooCommerce serves as an excellent platform for selling products, its default settings do not effectively automate communication with customers.

Utilizing Advanced Emails for WooCommerce, you have the ability to generate follow-up emails tailored to your customers, incorporating any criteria of your choice. This provides the flexibility to send targeted emails based on advanced order-related criteria, eliminating the need for manual email communication.

Do you wish to provide a reorder coupon for customers who made purchases exceeding a certain amount? Are you interested in promoting the purchase of product B when customers buy product A? Do you need to send emails to customers who have bought a specific product or chosen a particular shipping method? With Advanced Emails for WooCommerce, you can accomplish all of these tasks and much more.


Design email templates effortlessly with a drag-and-drop builder – no coding skills are necessary. Everything is accomplished through an intuitive drag-and-drop designer, akin to Page Builders.

Advanced email for woocommerce builder area

Advanced email for woocommerce 
 full screen builder area

Advanced Emails for WooCommerce​ for WooCommerce removes any limitations on targeting emails for your customers. Harness any order-related information in conjunction with conditionals to formulate robust email rules.

With Advanced Emails for WooCommerce​, you have the capability to send custom notifications/emails immediately or schedule them for a later time.

Advanced Emails for WooCommerce is designed to seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce's "High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS)" functionality.

  • Send emails to multiple addresses.
  • Dispatch emails to the ordered customer.
  • Particularly beneficial for vendor-based systems or Affiliate systems, offering conditional sending options.
  • Select the text you want to replace and add a shortcode through the shortcode inserter through the toolbar.Advanced email for WooCommerce Shortcode support tool.
  • Content will be replaced with the shortcode.
    Advanced email for woocommerce Shortcode support